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Requires Approval

Telephone-VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Video Conferencing

ITS network services provides maintenance, support, and troubleshooting for agency voice, video, and connecting circuits and infrastructure, including contract management, third-party support contracts and associated cloud-based services.

Service Includes

  • Coordinate telephone services with agencies
  • End point adds/moves/changes
  • Manage E-911 emergency service integration
  • Coordinates voicemail to email integration
  • Manage video conference system integration
  • Perform basic troubleshooting to ensure that carrier service is properly installed and configured
  • Provides training and materials


  • Services are based on use of ITS supported VoIP systems
  • Requires suitable, ITS approved network connectivity
  • Cloud services must use ITS approved and managed service providers

What Is Excluded

  • Non-ITS approved voice and video conferencing systems
  • Home or residential based systems

Customer Responsibility

  • Maintain voicemail recordings
  • Provide call routing and call handling requirements to ITS for configuration management
  • Review online training materials and test phones before go-live dates during system deployments or major changes

Rates and Billing