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ITS creates several types of bills to customers at varying frequencies and times throughout the year. Within Infor CloudSuite (Luma), ITS will prepopulate the proper Posting Account for each line for agency customers via intercompany billing.

  • Bills to customers not using the Luma system will be sent via email or postal mail and include payment terms.

Types of bills from ITS:

ITS is required to recover all operating costs from customers. This is done through a SWCAP process starting in FY 2024 (see SWCAP info here). ITS updated the plan and allocation methods for use in FY 2025 and forward. Customers will receive letters and bills for the following:

  • First-year billing for newly consolidated agencies. Matches the OE portion of agency’s DU 12.7X
  • Annual billing. Matches the SWCAP values as posted by the Division of Financial Management (DFM) the prior fall and included in the agency’s appropriation. There are two parts to SWCAP and ITS bills them separately in Luma:
    • ITS Operations – this is a separate billing for Support, Architecture and Security.
      • For FY 2024, operational categories changed from Support, ITA and Security
        • ITS cross-walked the data from STARS to Luma and will provide detailed letters for that transition, as well as intercompany billings you will receive.
      • Passthrough. This portion of SWCAP is significantly enterprise software licenses and some hardware maintenance agreements. The SWCAP process provides appropriations to agencies to accommodate payments either directly to vendors or via ITS for certain agreements.
        • For example: Microsoft Office 365, Adobe and endpoint management software.

  • A la Carte items. Many customers use ITS services that are specific to them. To avoid allocating costs to other customers, ITS bills those charges directly to the customer. These charges can be monthly, quarterly or annually depending upon the service.
  • Contracts/Agreements. Some customers engage ITS for specific projects, such as application development. Billing will be per the specific terms of the agreement.
  • Utilization Charges. In future years, ITS will bill for data space and bandwidth used each customer. These bills will likely be monthly.
  • Telecommunications. Most state agencies receive telephone and related network services via ITS. Specific charges are billed to agencies monthly. Note, telecommunications staff and other related operating costs are billed via SWCAP.
  • Equipment Purchases. Customers order hardware equipment throughout the year with the assistance of the ITS procurement team. If ITS paid the vendor, ITS bills the customer for the same amount to recover costs. Within Luma, agency customers can now process orders and pay vendors directly.