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Welcome to the Office of Information Technology Services

The Office of IT Services (ITS) was created in 2018 to increase efficiency in IT services across state agencies, enabling agencies to focus on their core missions rather than being IT providers. ITS provides dedicated IT services along with state-of-the-art cybersecurity operations to promote consistent security across agencies.


  • (6/7/2021) – ITS has launched as a one-stop-shop for state agency training resources. Although in its infancy, we will be adding new content on a regular basis for new enterprise software such as Microsoft and Adobe products. Click here to visit the site.
  • (3/25/2021) – The Project Team has launched a new process and materials to assist agencies with their project planning and implementation needs. Check out their new site with links to checklists, forms, and more.
  • (3/22/2021) – ITA committee meeting notices and updates are posted here. This includes the Idaho Technology Authority committee, IT Leadership Council, and Idaho Geospatial Council Executive Committee.

Quick Links & Resources

  • Looking for recent trainings and presentations? Check out the Training website for resources on Microsoft, Adobe, and more.
  • Need resources for working remotely? Check out our How To page.
  • Is your agency planning a move? Use our Agency Move Checklist to make sure your IT services are uninterrupted.
  • Need help with IT Approvals or Budget Planning? Click here to access resources.
  • Network and Telephone Billing: ITS provides comprehensive billing services and support for voice services.
    • To access our interagency billing call-detail report, go to the Telemaster login page.
    • To access Network and Telephone Interagency Monthly Billings, go to the Interagency Billing Directory page. Note: you must be on the state network to access this directory. Each month contains all agency billings; search for your agency using the Control+F function. Instructions are included on the home page of the directory.


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