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Local and Wide Area Network

Service and support for agency voice and data network, connections to the Idaho State Network (ISN), and connections to all agency locations. ITS network engineers manage agency networks, equipment, and circuits, enabling connectivity to state and federal agencies and to citizens.

Service Includes

  • Bandwidth and Capacity management and planning
  • Network equipment administration, management, and troubleshooting
  • After hours support


  • Use ITS approved network equipment
  • Use ITS approved circuits and cabling

What Is Excluded

  • Residential grade network equipment or services
  • Personal network equipment or connections
  • At-home networks, services, or equipment

Customer Responsibility

  • Keep ITS informed of new and upcoming business changes that could impact network connectivity, security, or capacity
  • Provide ITS personnel access to network equipment 24/7
  • Coordinate circuits and remote access connections with ITS

Rates and Billing