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Network Security

Provides support for agency and enterprise firewalls to protect customers from external and cross-network cybersecurity threats, including malicious websites and external connection attempts. Network security adapts to a threat environment that constantly evolves and has the potential to disrupt business operations and a loss/exploitation of sensitive information.

Service Includes

  • Management and administration of agency-based network firewalls
  • Management and administration of the Idaho State Network – Public facing firewalls


  • Supported equipment must be approved by ITS
  • Supported equipment must be installed, configured, and managed by ITS
  • ITS approved circuits, cabling, and network equipment

What Is Excluded

  • Non-standard and residential-grade equipment
  • Equipment that has not been installed, managed, or configured by ITS

Customer Responsibility

  • Provide ITS suitable access to any on-site equipment 24/7
  • Coordinate circuits and remote access connections with ITS

Rates and Billing