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Office Construction/Remodel/Move

Requires Approval

Assist agencies in new construction and office relocations and remodels to include additional network, wireless, voice, and conferencing systems. Use specialized wireless survey equipment to plan and optimize wireless service coverage and performance, eliminating guesswork and undesirable outcomes for our customers.

Service Includes

  • Plan, consult, and assist with preparing IT-related services and equipment for moving
  • Request network circuits for new locations
  • Coordinate with electrician to verify new locations have suitable battery backup (Uninterruptible Power Supplies/UPS) to support network and computer equipment in event of a power failure
  • Coordinate with contractors to have cabling installed
  • Verify Wi-Fi capabilities and coordinate with third-party electrical contractor for wireless access point installation.
  • Perform wireless coverage surveys to ensure adequate wireless coverage
  • Coordinate connection of security cameras and equipment to network
  • ITS may assign a project manager for major moves or relocations


  • Review the Agency Move Checklist on the ITS website as part of the agency planning process
  • For projects involving a new office space, a signed lease is required before telecommunication services can be ordered
  • Involve ITS at the earliest opportunity to prevent surprise technological obstacles and costs to the agency
  • Provide ample notice to ITS to facilitate procurement of necessary equipment, services, and contractors. Note: Equipment and services may take 4-6 months or more to receive from manufacturers and/or providers

What Is Excluded

  • Costs associated with agency move
  • Costs from changes to move orders. For example, changes that impact network access, circuit costs, telephone line relocation/set up, equipment moves, and project delays
  • Physically moving equipment. Note: ITS can assist in disconnecting and reconnecting equipment as needed

Customer Responsibility

  • Complete Customer Office Move Checklist
  • Engage the assigned Service Delivery Manager (SDM) as early as possible to assist in planning and coordination
  • Engage contractors for moving, electrical, and other related services
  • Provide floorplans to ITS for planning and preparation
  • Provide site access for ITS personnel

Rates and Billing

Agency Move Checklist