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Service Delivery Manager

Requires Approval

Service Delivery Managers (SDMs) serve as the account executive, agency expert, and single point of escalation for agency leadership. This role develops valuable and meaningful long-term relationships with agency leaders, becoming an important asset and advocate for the agencies they represent.

Service Includes

  • Oversee existing relationship management with agencies, customer communications, customer satisfaction, and conflict resolution
  • Track and coordinate resolution of IT service requests and incidents
  • Prepare agency reports on service outcomes and participate in agency strategy meetings
  • Discover agency needs and propose appropriate IT solutions
  • Understand agency needs and ensure appropriate and timely support is available


  • Complete requested onboarding and discovery documents, and work with ITS on regular review and update.
  • Understand and sign the Service Level Agreement (SLA) with ITS
  • Help build a culture of collaboration where the agency invites SDMs to be a fully integrated part of the agency with insight into the short- and long-term goals of the agency, its mission, and its values

What Is Excluded:

  • Decision-making on internal policies and procedure within the agency
  • Decision-making on internal business processes
  • Decision-making on internal fiscal, budget, or spending issues
  • Contract terms between the agency and vendors

Customer Responsibility

  • Identify specific people to be primary points of contact
  • Participate in regularly scheduled meetings with SDMs
  • Participate in IT Liaison meetings and other information-sharing arrangements

Rates and Billing