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Geospatial Information Services

Requires Approval

Apply visualization and analytics to improve data-based decision-making in agencies. Provide a common platform for storing and retrieving data. Advise agencies on using authoritative data, improving data quality and governance, and on managing data life cycles.

Service Includes

  • Cloud and on-premises data platforms, including ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Enterprise and Snowflake
  • Tools and support to edit, visualize, and analyze data, including ArcGIS, Microsoft Power BI, and Tableau
  • Advise customers on data platforms and tools
  • Assistance in loading and extracting data to and from a common platform
  • Consulting and training (on request) on GIS topics, tools, life cycles, governance, and best practices
  • Coordinate sharing of authoritative GIS datasets as web services
  • Licensing for common data tools (based on funding) such as ArcGIS, Tableau, and Snowflake
  • Support and coordinate data sharing from other states, other state agencies, and municipal governments
  • Guidance on data security


  • Connected to Idaho State Network
  • Enrolled in appropriate Enterprise or other licensing agreement
  • Data stewardship and knowledge of data to be analyzed

What Is Excluded

While we are dedicated to comprehensive support, there are certain exclusions:

  • ITS ownership of agency data, information, or business process
  • Commitments for future funding from ITS

Customer Responsibility

We believe in a collaborative partnership where both parties share responsibilities. Customers are expected to:

  • Own and steward data and business processes
  • When initiating projects, agencies should designate a business owner who can work in tandem with ITS to ensure alignment with organizational objectives
  • Identify authoritative points of contact to work with the GIS and Data team
  • Communicate in a timely manner with ITS to move initiatives forward
  • Secure appropriate funding for licenses, data, and other required resources

Rates and Billing