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Database Administration

ITS provides database administration, development, support, and management services for customers, from initial setup through configuration, maintenance, performance management, capacity management, and troubleshooting.

Service Includes

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Azure environments
  • Secure access to end-user data along with technical assistance to ensure system performance, data storage, and availability for agency software applications
  • Retention, backup, archival, and security of data
  • Report development
  • Business-to-business data transfer


  • Current supported versions of Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Azure environments
  • Administrative access to the database
  • Server running and maintained within the ITS standard environment
  • Limited support for Microsoft Access

What Is Excluded

While we are dedicated to comprehensive support, there are certain exclusions:

  • Non-standard computer hardware platforms, systems, or software outside of the ITS established standards are not supported
  • Databases managed by third parties
  • Databases other than Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Azure SQL
  • ITS does not fund the costs to procure databases (i.e. software licenses) for the agency

Customer Responsibility

We believe in a collaborative partnership where both parties share responsibilities. Customers are expected to:

  • Agencies can expect to provide funding for software and licenses for new databases or databases currently out of support
  • Agency must identify sensitive information that may be maintained in any database and/or used by a given agency application
  • When initiating new sprojects, agencies should designate a business owner who can work in tandem with ITS to ensure alignment with organizational objectives

Rates and Billing