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Data Center Support

In the realm of Data Center Support, ITS excels in ensuring the seamless operation of your computer server and data storage infrastructure. Our commitment extends to maintaining best practices, providing expert recommendations, and promptly addressing any troubleshooting needs.

Service Includes:

  • Maintain, troubleshoot, and repair server hardware, ensuring that servers operate efficiently
  • Configure servers in strict accordance with approved server configurations and standards to ensure consistency, security, and optimal performance
  • Implement robust data backup and recovery procedures to safeguard against data loss
  • Continuously monitor server performance and infrastructure health to detect and address issues promptly
  • Manage hardware inventory, procure new equipment, and keep track of warranties and licenses
  • Provide support for software and applications used within the data center, ensuring they are up to date and functioning correctly
  • Predict future capacity requirements based on growth projections and ensure the data center infrastructure can handle increased demands
  • Be prepared to respond to emergencies related to server hardware failures, power outages, or cooling system issues with established procedures for swift resolution
  • Handle all aspects of hardware installation and removal within the data center. This includes installing new equipment, relocating existing hardware, and decommissioning end-of-life hardware. We work closely with our business operations team to ensure the proper disposal and management of end-of-life hardware in compliance with state, federal, and environmental regulations
  • Maintain detailed documentation of equipment, configurations, and procedures to facilitate troubleshooting and future planning
  • Assist users or clients who may require help with accessing data or services hosted in the data center
  • Support and maintain backup power systems such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to ensure continuous operation during power outages
  • Manage and maintain cooling systems to regulate temperature and humidity levels within the data center, preventing overheating and equipment damage


  • Site must have connectivity to the Idaho State Network
  • The agency should have a comprehensive inventory of all hardware, software, and equipment within the data center. Detailed documentation of configurations, network layouts, and asset management is essential
  • Verify that the data center has adequate power and cooling infrastructure to support the equipment and prevent overheating or power-related issues
  • In collaboration with our Networking Team, document the network architecture, including IP addressing, VLANs, and network diagrams. Ensure that network configurations are well-documented
  • Provide a list of vendors and suppliers, along with their contact information, warranties, and service agreements for equipment and services used within the data center

What Is Excluded

While we are dedicated to comprehensive support, there are certain exclusions:

  • Non-standard computer hardware platforms or software
  • Equipment that has reached its end of life or is not connected to the state network may not be covered
  • UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) or Cooling Equipment: Please note that the purchase and maintenance of UPS or Cooling equipment for the support agency are the sole responsibility of the agency and are not included in our support services

Customer Responsibility

We believe in a collaborative partnership where both parties share responsibilities. Customers are expected to:

  • Fund costs specific to Agency needs. Recognizing that each agency may have unique requirements, it is the responsibility of the customer to provide funding for costs that are specific to their agency’s needs. This includes any specialized equipment or services beyond the standard scope
  • Ensure data center access during IT emergencies. In the event of an after-hours IT emergency necessitating immediate attention, it’s essential that our customers authorize access to their data center facilities. Timely access is crucial to address critical issues and maintain uninterrupted services swiftly

Rates and Billing