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Project Management

The goal of the project management team is to provide IT project management services to the Office of the ITS and to the agencies and commissions that are provided IT support services by the Office of the ITS:

  • project management
  • external services and outreach efforts
  • portfolio management

Project Management

We use an established project management process flow and toolset to manage new IT initiatives deployed and/or supported by the Office of the ITS. We oversee all department and supported agencies' IT initiatives to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget.

External Services and Outreach Efforts

We support the project management community throughout state government by providing resource information related to training and other services for project managers and government agencies. When needed, we establish relationships and contracts with third-party vendors to provide project management services to agencies.

Portfolio Management

We track large-scale IT projects in executive branch agencies. The IT portfolio management process is integrated into the state's IT budgeting and procurement processes to support the oversight and governance of information technology investments. We provide large-scale IT project status information to include a summary (for the ITS, sponsoring director/agency heads, and ITRMC). We assess, recommend, and implement (when appropriate) a comprehensive enterprise IT project management information system to:

  • Evaluate, prioritize, and select appropriate information technology investments for the State of Idaho.
  • Facilitate the exchange of project status information between agencies and the Office of the ITS.
  • Assist in the assessment of project progress.
  • Improve the visibility and management of the state's portfolio of projects.
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