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Project Management

The goal of the Project Team is to provide IT project management services to ITS and to the ITS-supported agencies and commissions. We use an established project management process flow and toolset to manage new IT initiatives deployed and/or supported by ITS. We oversee all department and supported agencies’ IT initiatives to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget.

We track large-scale IT projects in executive branch agencies. The IT portfolio management process is integrated into the state’s IT budgeting and procurement processes to support the oversight and governance of information technology investments. We assess, recommend, and implement (when appropriate) a comprehensive enterprise IT project management information system to:

  • Evaluate, prioritize, and select appropriate information technology investments for the State of Idaho.
  • Facilitate the exchange of project status information between agencies and ITS.
  • Improve the visibility and management of the state’s portfolio of projects.

Agency Project Start Up

As agencies review their business processes and systems, there is an ongoing need to update and implement new technology solutions. ITS is committed to helping agencies work through the process of developing the ideas for using technical solutions, gathering information for project planning, and working with ITS to work on the project. If you are unsure if your initiative meets the definition of a project, check with your Service Delivery Manager or ITS staff. 

The Project Start-up Checklist Form is the first step in organizing your potential project and preparing it to submit to ITS (be sure and review the Agency Project Start-up document (link) that describes how to start a project)By gathering this information, and reviewing the requirements for proposing a project, your agency’s initiative will have fewer roadblocks and surprises as you and ITS work through the project creation process. 


Download Agency Project Start Up Overview

  1. Agency identifies solution need or idea
  2. Agency completes Project Start Up Checklist (download)
  3. Agency submits ITS Project Analysis and Assessment Form
  4. ITS reviews and prioritizes project
  5. ITS assigns project resources or adds to project work queue; status is communicated to agency

Helpful Tips

  • If your agency is considering a technology project, talk to your Service Delivery Manager. They can talk to you about your project and start to work with you to engage ITS resources.  
  • Provide as much lead time as possible – six months or more lead time for starting your project will enhance the chance of your project being completed in the expected timeframes.  
  • Procuring a solution can take the most time in the process, particularly if solution is not on the state contract and you need to do a formal solicitation.   
  • ITS is working on many important projects for agencies. After your project has been received, it will be reviewed and prioritized with other agency projects. Factors affecting project priority includes: 
    • Project has a strict deadline
    • Associated with a Governor’s initiative or legislative mandates or changes 
    • Federal requirements 
    • Strategic alignment 
    • System replacement or enhancement with approved funding 
    • Scope and complexity 
    • Budget  
    • Other, higher priority agency projects 
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