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Windows 11 Upgrade

Windows 11 logo on laptop screen. A new operating system

To keep a current and supported hardware platform, ITS has begun the process of a migration of workstations/PC/laptops from Windows 10 to Windows 11. Windows 11 is the next iteration of Microsoft’s operating system. Currently, 1,833 devices have been upgraded or deployed in supported state IT environments. 

The initial pilot of Windows 11 began Aug. 2023. The agencies below are a sampling of conversion completion percentages:

  • Dept. of Administration: 52%
  • Commission for Libraries: 95%
  • Vocational Rehabilitation: 98%
  • Correctional Industries: 100% 

Recently, the pilot has expanded to include 15 more agencies.

A variety of factors impact the migration, which are mostly centered around aged non-supported hardware and the sunsetting of Microsoft support of specific native tools (i.e., Snip and Sketch).

The entire project could take up to four years to complete, dependent on annual hardware replacements. Internally, ITS has 168 of its own devices migrated and we will continue to work on the upgrade until all agencies and eligible devices are converted.