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On Feb. 1, the State of Idaho’s decades-long contract with Access Idaho (Tyler Technologies) changed. The previous contract had been in place for nearly 30 years, focused on web services and credit card processing for Idaho agencies, cities and counties.

Part of the contract change was developed from stakeholder input and introducing additional vendor options and services to what Tyler Technologies (now known as Tyler Idaho) was providing. It also lowers credit card fees for customers and gives customers more flexibility and options when it comes to seeking web service support.

An email about these changes went out to ITS staff, agency directors, IT contacts, supported and non-supported executive branch agencies and the Governor’s Office that outlined these changes. For more information and resources about this change, please visit our website here.

Chris Carlisle and Alberto Gonzalez were instrumental in coordinating and executing this contract through the Division of Purchasing, but also with countless meetings and discussions with Tyler Idaho, new vendor PayIt, and close coordination with the Governor’s Office.