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Service Delivery

ITS Service Desk Manager Dan Thornock

Over the last several months, we met with several agency leadership teams to gather feedback on their experiences with IT Modernization and where ITS could improve its service to their agency. While a few common threads emerged as areas of improvement, one was the loudest of all: the need to increase the speed and quality of service delivery for day-to-day IT services.

In response, ITS has significantly invested in additional staff for service desk, on-site, and IT liaison support. Of the 43 new positions just added, ITS dedicated 16 of those to the customer-facing teams. This doubles the count of on-site support staff and made significant additions to the service desk. The ITS Service Delivery Managers team also increased in size from one to a team of four, spending more time with each individual agency to understand their needs and expedite solutions.

New service delivery staff are being complemented by a new manager, Dan Thornock, who joins ITS from previous IT roles at Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) and Idaho Transportation Department (ITD). Dan has more than 20 years of experience in various IT service delivery roles and is helping mature and grow service delivery and customer service processes.

Our customer’s feedback is critical to our improvement process as ITS continues to complete Governor Little’s IT Modernization initiative. We look forward to meeting the challenges facing our customers and helping them to better deliver on their important agency missions to Idaho citizens.