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Service-Level Agreements

Image of a keyboard with a green button stating SLA Service Level Agreement

Service level agreements (SLAs) define the relationship between our supported agencies and ITS. They also detail the responsibilities of each party and provide the framework on how ITS will deliver services. But the current version of the SLA was last updated in Aug. 2022, and a LOT has changed in the past 16 months.

The Service Delivery Quality Management team (SDMs) has been tasked with owning the SLA work center, hopefully managing a more dynamic process that includes regular updates to the documentation, ensuring all agencies have signed SLAs, and helping agencies create their agency-specific list of exemptions for applications or hardware that ITS cannot support.

SDMs are actively working with agencies to identify gaps, potential improvements, etc., in the existing documentation (formal SLA and as many as six addendums) before drawing up a final version to circulate amongst agencies for a new signature. This new version will be the one our new Phase 4 agencies will sign too.

Once we’ve nailed down the final version we will circulate amongst ITS staff, too. It’s important that all ITS staff understand our relationship with our agencies and our obligations to them. We’ve also asked that HR include the SLA as part of the new employee onboarding documentation so our new Phase 4 people have a better understanding of how ITS works.