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ISDA Teamwork

Rack of cables in server room.

ITS recently completed critical remediation of interference issues with data communications cabling at Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) Boise headquarters location.

Electrical interference due to cable drop path placement was affecting 45% of the cable drops in the building. This, and other connectivity issues were artificially increasing ticket resolution times for this ISDA location; sometimes, more than double the average delivery time.

The cables were causing call quality and integrity problems, which were affecting the ability for ISDA employees to conduct business as usual. The network operations team, including Trace Devoy and Jeremy Atherton and a crew of private contractors worked tirelessly over the weekend of Feb. 23rd, in an effort to minimize disruptions to staff during business hours.

This project saw 23,458 feet of cable tested and fixed for approximately $16,500. Kudos to the team for their hard work to get this job done and the cables organized and working as they were designed to.