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Citizen Engagement Services

ITS now offers web service management for state agencies including expanded contract offerings, website development options, expanded technical support, and credit card processing options.

See the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below for more information about this recent change.


Web services planning

Expanded contract offerings

  • Our expanded contract offerings provide agencies with flexible solutions depending on their needs and budget. Contact ITS for more information.

Website development

  • Our contract website development services provide visually appealing and functional templates to plug-and-go, or if budget allows, design a customized site for your agency’s needs.

Technical support

  • Rely on our technical support team to navigate the complexities of web hosting. From troubleshooting to proactive updates and maintenance, ITS allows agencies to focus on core responsibilities while we handle the digital infrastructure.

Credit card processing

  • ITS offers expanded contract offerings for secure credit card processing vendors.

FAQs: New Web Service Process and Vendor Transition

ITS is the initial point for ITS supported agencies/offices requesting all website-related services, including maintenance, development, technical support. Our vendors offer these services as well and also handle payment processing.

ITS has incorporated web service capabilities by adding contracted resources. Requests will be routed to ITS Enterprise Architecture (EA) and ITS Hosting for ITS web services or referred to Tyler Technologies and PayIt.

  1. If an ITS supported agency has a need for an online service (forms, platform service, website payment processing) it starts with filling out the Web Service Request form, located at:
  2. Executive branch agencies who want to access the IT Administrative Fee fund should complete the above form.
  3. All other entities contact Tyler Technologies and PayIt directly.
  4. ITS reviews the request. ITS will evaluate the request to identify if ITS can complete the request internally. If ITS cannot complete the request internally, it will ask the agency to create a proposal or will assist a small agency with a proposal for distribution to PayIt and Tyler Technologies.
  5. Agencies engage with vendors directly. The review ITS performs is to simply route work that ITS will complete, and refer the rest to our vendor partners.
  6. Optional: Agency may request funding from the IT Administrative Fee fund committee to help fund or subsidize the costs in the returned proposal. The evaluates and accepts or declines the agency funding request.
  7. The agency chooses who they want to work with. Cost does not always drive the decision to award.
  8. The purchasing agency will create a PO in Luma.

This fund supports the development of citizen outreach web solutions, with 0.5% of transactions going to a fund the Division of Purchasing holds as an IT Administration Fee.

Implementation starts immediately, although Tyler Technologies will assist in transitioning current work during the transition period.

Response times for support requests should be similar to Tyler Technologies. New project response times may be slightly longer as additional details are gathered.

Yes, ITS work must be tracked in ServiceNow. The Microsoft form will eventually be replaced by an intake in ServiceNow. Login at

Expect an automated response from ITS Hosting or EA, with follow-up communication for more information. The form link is here.

Agencies may continue working with Tyler Technologies and PayIt, but services are subject to the new contract. Tyler Technologies will reach out to discuss transitioning current services.

Tyler Technologies should contact agencies with existing contracts soon to discuss current contracts and transitioning to new contract terms. PayIt may also reach out about products and services they offer.

Agencies can contact Tyler Technologies or PayIt directly and select the vendor of their preference, adhering to purchasing rules and obtaining ITS approvals.

This is a committee with representation from a diverse number of agencies whose purpose is to distribute IT Administrative Fee funds in a manner that benefits the citizens of Idaho to access government services through digital communications, web portals, or web applications.