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The Enterprise Architecture (EA) team collaborated extensively with stakeholders across our supported agencies to evaluate cloud contact center solutions (like a virtual call center). Following a thorough assessment process, we are pleased to announce that AWS Connect has been selected as the optimal solution as it is flexible, scales efficiently, and is accessible geographically. This decision is a four-month culmination of collaborative efforts, feedback, and careful consideration among multiple technical teams at ITS and several agencies.

Moving forward, our EA and project teams are poised to work closely with the Idaho Transportation Department as the initial adopter of the AWS Connect solution. This collaboration will enable us to implement and fine-tune the new solution effectively, ensuring a seamless transition and optimal performance.

It’s important to note that while we embrace AWS Connect for new contact center needs, we remain committed to maintaining and supporting our current Cisco on-premises contact center. Our aim is to provide a smooth transition for agencies, allowing them to migrate to the feature-rich AWS Connect environment when they are ready.