ITS Vendor Guidelines

These guidelines outline our expectations for vendors, their employees, personnel, agents, and subcontractors. ITS expects companies to embrace these behaviors while conducting business with and/or on behalf of ITS:

  • Exhibiting appropriate conduct that aligns with ITS organizational values
    • Integrity – Doing what’s right – especially when it’s hard or unpopular. Making tough decisions. Being a good steward of the time and money entrusted to us. Taking responsibility. Holding ourselves and our teams to high standards. Doing what we say we will do. Giving every task its due attention.
    • Teamwork – Recognizing others as important and valuing what they contribute. Being respectful. Lending a hand. Avoiding gossip. Filling in gaps to serve our customers. Seeing individual contributions as part of a whole. Being flexible and open-minded. Taking criticism as an opportunity to improve. Reaching out to other teams, other divisions, and other agencies to do good things.
    • Service – Being part of something bigger. Recognizing Idaho citizens as the ultimate customer. Earning their trust. Maintaining a positive attitude. Improving our systems, our processes, our people, and ourselves. Putting requirements above preferences. Treating others with courtesy, dignity, and respect.

Doing business ethically by following State of Idaho policies that pertain to confidentiality requirements, accepting gifts, and purchasing. Refer to Section 18-1356 – Idaho State Legislature for current state policy.

Guidelines for engaging with ITS staff:

  • The ITS Enterprise Architecture (EA) Team is the primary point of contact for vendors. The EA Team manages vendor communication, performance issues, capability reviews, onboarding, and coordinating value-added services.
    • Vendors should engage with the EA Team or senior managers, and not ITS technical teams directly when defining new systems, recommending new or different solutions, providing quotes, or other activities that impact ITS technical services.
    • Important: Staff can engage vendor resources for established products, ongoing activities, training, or approved projects without EA Team involvement. The EA Team and/or ITS managers should be involved if the engagement involves areas the EA Team manages, such as product evaluations, new initiatives, or other related activities.
  • The EA Team will evaluate capabilities for new vendors based on several factors that may include, but not limited to, company size, number of technical and support staff, breadth of expertise, vendor relations, vendor certifications, technical focus, references, value-added services, stability, location, and industry reviews/Gartner reviews.
  • The EA Team will evaluate vendor performance based on several factors that may include, but not limited to, responsiveness, cost, value-added services delivered, ease to work with, proactiveness, investment in understanding ITS’ environment or project, communication, problem resolution, and timeliness

If you have any questions about the ITS Vendor Code of Conduct or any questions about engaging with ITS, please contact the ITS Enterprise Architecture Team.