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Idaho Transportation Department Data Center Move

ITD data center move
Idaho Transportation Department

Date: Nov 2023

The ITD Data Center relocation project, which involves moving the Idaho Transportation Department’s (ITD) systems and infrastructure from its State Street location to the Chinden Campus, is a high-profile, time-sensitive project. The move was prompted by the 2021 ITD flood and the state’s intent to sell the entire property.

Project planning and foundational work started in advance of Phase 3 IT Modernization. ITS, ITD, and contractors kicked off the project in July 2022. In total, some 35 to 40 employees and contractors have been involved in this process.

The project included three phases:

  1. Phase 1 – Establish baseline network, server, and storage environments at Chinden to support migration work. Completed ahead of schedule.
  2. Phase 2 – Physical and virtual system move, which was further broken down into Migration Waves. Completed ahead of schedule.
  3. Phase 3 –Finalization. Decommissioning remaining unused hardware, establishing final network connections and addressing final details ahead of transition. Completed ahead of schedule. Main project completed with final application migration anticipated in early 2024.

Interesting project stats:

Number of servers (virtual) moved:

  • 56 migrations and a total of 76 virtual machines with more planned
  • 258 servers with 131 left to move

Number of physical devices moved:

  • 19 large physical devices
  • Several switches and other smaller pieces of equipment
  • 16-18 devices are slated for decommissioning

Cost Impact:

  • $3-7 million based on external bids to rebuild ITD data center
  • No additional funds requested for ITS to complete data center move