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Fortifying Idaho’s Digital Defenses

Idaho Public Safety

Date: 2022

In our pursuit of a secure Idaho, our cybersecurity initiatives have taken center stage. Here’s snapshot of those efforts:

  1. Penetration Test with Idaho National Guard. We joined forces with the Idaho National Guard to strengthen our digital fortifications. Together, we put our systems to the test, identifying and mitigating our vulnerabilities.
  2. Compliance Audits with the Idaho Tax Commission and Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. Ensuring that critical agencies like the Tax Commission and Vocational Rehabilitation meet the highest compliance standards is paramount. Our compliance audits guarantee that sensitive data remains protected.
  3. Cybersecurity Exercises Hosted with Multiple Agencies. Preparedness is key. We hosted a cybersecurity exercise, bringing together multiple agencies to simulate cyber threats. This proactive approach hones our collective response to potential breaches.
  4. Firewall and VPN Migrations. We upgraded our digital barricades with firewall and VPN migrations, ensuring that data flows securely within and beyond state networks.
  5. Endpoint Protection. Every device matters. We bolstered endpoint protection to safeguard all entry points against threats.
  6. IT Security Policy Manual. Our comprehensive IT Security Policy Manual serves as a guiding light, setting the standards for a secure digital landscape across state agencies.
  7. Idaho Cyber Grant Planning Committee. We’re actively involved in planning and allocating cyber grants to bolster the state’s defenses further.
  8. Collaboration with the Office of Emergency Management. Closer than ever, we work hand in hand with the Office of Emergency Management. Together, we tackle cyber threats, secure grant funding, and engage in outreach to keep Idahoans informed and protected.
  9. Firewall Rules Addressing Canva and TikTok Bans. We swiftly implemented firewall rules to address specific threats, ensuring that platforms like Canva and TikTok don’t compromise our security.