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IT Statutes and Executive Orders

I.C. 67-827  Coordination of Policy and Programs – Information Technology Services and Cybersecurity

I.C. 67-827A  Powers and Duties

I.C. 67-828  Office of Information Technology Services May Charge and Receive Payment for Certain Services to Units of State Government – Appropriation

I.C. 67-829  Advance Payments and Interaccount Transactions

I.C. 67-830  Declaration of Purpose

I.C. 67-831  Definitions

I.C. 67-832  Idaho Technology Authority – Composition – Appointment and Term of Office – Reimbursement – Contracting for Necessary Services

I.C. 67-833  General Powers and Duties of the Authority

I.C. 67-834  Definitions

I.C. 67-835  Integrated Property Records System – Transfer of Responsibility

I.C. 67-836  Agencies to Provide Records and Data

I.C. 67-837  Responsibility for Quality

House Bill 607 (2018 Legislative Session)

Executive Order 2017-02 (Findings of the Idaho Cybersecurity Cabinet Taskforce)

Executive Order 2015-07 (Establishing the Idaho Cybersecurity Cabinet Taskforce)