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State Training Resources

This compilation of training resources is for State of Idaho employees, with many requiring users to be on the state network or access with a login. Please let us know if there is additional content you would find useful to list here.

  • Training Intranet – how-to resources for ITS-supported agencies (state network connection required).
  • Division of Human Resources – select ‘Training’ from the menu for a complete list of training opportunities.
  • PERSI – includes workshops and virtual trainings designed to help members make well-informed retirement decisions.
  • Cybersecurity – training coordinated between DHR and ITS Cybersecurity team to ensure state employees have the tools and knowledge to stay safe online.
  • Webmasters – resources for all agencies in the building and managing of their websites.
  • Idaho Colleges and Universities – links for those interested in changing careers or getting an advanced degree.
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