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Website Development

The Office of the ITS and Access Idaho provide website and webapp development and creation services. We also offer a testing and development environment for all state agencies.

Website Design

We offer start-to-finish website and portal design services. In addition, we provide design guidelines and assist agencies with design-related issues.

Web Application Development Services

We offer start-to-finish webapp development and creation services. Examples of current webapp developments include:

  • Federal Surplus Property Inventory Search
  • Governor's Contact and Comments page
  • Idaho Patient Freedom of Information Act (IDACare) medical provider secured updates and non-secured public information searches
  • Outfitters and Guides lookups
  • Professional Engineers and Land Surveyor searches
  • Public Works Parking Tag system
  • State Employees Telephone Search
  • Custom searches (inmate, business entity, Uniform Commercial Code [UCC], tax refund status)

Intranet Web-based Business Application Development Services

We offer start-to-finish intranet-specific, web-based business application development and creation services. Current intranet web-based business application developments include:

  • Copy and Records Management Inventory Tracking System
  • Federal Surplus Property inventory sales, tracking, and reporting program
  • Public Works Parking Tag assignment and reporting program
  • PayPort™ online shopping portal
  • License renewals (accountancy, medicine, and nursing)
  • Vehicle registration
  • Payment portals (tax, child support, trucking industry, and license renewals)

Website and Webapp Development and Testing Area

A full-featured testing and development area is available to all state agencies for website and webapp testing and development. The test/development servers are available only to state-network-connected users. Personnel connecting from outside the state network must create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection to see webpages and webapps on this server.

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