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Voice Contracts

Voice Services

We coordinate the installation and configuration of telephone lines, systems, and services throughout the state for all agencies. We assist state agencies in identifying telephone equipment and service requirements, and then implement solutions to meet their requirements. We also negotiate and administer all statewide telephone services contracts which include:

Statewide and Local Service

Statewide and local service contracts with both Qwest and Verizon are used by state agencies and higher education for their local calling needs. A public agency clause for this contract allows schools, cities, and counties to buy services—saving them approximately $10-15 for each line compared to other equivalent services.

Statewide Telephone Equipment

We work with state agencies to identify their needs and install new telephone and voicemail equipment. We facilitate any disputes or service discrepancies, if any, between agencies and contractors.

Long Distance, Toll-Free Calling, and Audio Conferencing

Long distance services contracts include outbound, toll-free, calling cards, teleconferencing, and dial-up video. These contracts are used by all state agencies, education, and other public entities. Contracts consist of over 37,000 local telephone lines and 400 toll-free numbers that include 25 dedicated network access circuits, 4,600 calling cards, and dial-up video conferencing that include 25 dedicated network access circuits. Estimated statewide savings for three years is $1.2 million.

Calling Cards

We manage approximately 4,000 calling cards issued to state agencies, and serve as the liaison between the agency and the contract vendor for this service. We order calling cards for state agencies from current contract vendor, cancel calling cards whenever cards are reported as lost or stolen (or whenever an employee who is issued a card retires or leaves state employment), and assist state agencies whenever they have technical or billing questions regarding the calling cards.

Language Translation

Over-the-phone foreign language translation services are used by many state agencies as well as public entities and education to assist their non-English speaking customers. Estimated statewide savings are $20,000 annually.

Cellular Calling and Mobile Data

We administer the contracts for cellular services and equipment. state agencies obtain services, cellular phones, data devices, and airtime cards from AT&T Wireless (formerly Cingular), T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless. As needed, we analyze usage and recommend changes in calling and data plans. We review equipment and coverage needs, and make carrier and equipment recommendations. We test and review new cellular technology (such as PDAs). For supported agencies, contact us prior to purchasing mobile data hardware to ensure that the equipment can be synced with the email server.


For information regarding payphones, please contact us.

Voice Services Billing

For the interagency billing call-detail report, go the Telemaster login page.

State Telephone Directory

The Office of the ITS maintains the online State Telephone Directory which lists phone numbers and addresses for state agencies and employees.

Each agency is responsible to add, modify, and delete employee information in the online State Telephone Directory. One contact at each agency is trained and has access to make online changes. All changes are effective the day after the change is made, and can be viewed through the online employee search.

Notice: The phone book is only available online. It is no longer published in print form.

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