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Spam & Virus Filtering

All incoming state email is processed by an email scanning solution to protect the network from malicious software and to drastically reduce spam and scam email from reaching state employees.

The Office of the ITS provides the spam and virus filtering service for the entire State of Idaho. In addition, most agencies have a trained email administrator who evaluates any email message that is sent to their agency and is quarantined as possible spam. For most smaller agencies which have no email administrator, the Office of the ITS provies the evaluation service.

While this service is a way to protect the network and the employees, every employee must remember that no virus scanner will eliminate 100% of viruses. New malicious software is written daily, and it is possible that one could get past the protective scanning. Therefore, employees must still maintain vigilance and be careful about the emails they read, the attachments they open, and the links they use.

The antispam feature should dramatically reduce the amount of spam employees receive. However, no solution can guarantee that 100% of spam will be detected. In addition, a very small percentage of legitimate email might be incorrectly identified as spam.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact us.

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