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Server Administration

We offer the following sevices for supported agencies and for agencies requesting consulting assistance.

  • Provide server IT expertise for agency server support.
    • server setup—purchasing recommendations through getting it up and running
    • server updating—keeping current with new operating systems, applications, and other major changes and revisions
    • server patching—maintaining the server to current levels to assure peak performance and security
    • server troubleshooting—working with applications specialists to return applications to working condition
  • Monitor servers to detect conditions such as overheating, processor failure, and disk failure, and to quickly alert an operator, take remedial action, or do both to maintain server performance.
  • Support servers that provide core services such as file, application, and printing services to the agencies.
  • Provide webservers to host agencies' websites.
    • complete hosting services for webpages
    • webservers for public-facing webpages
    • webservers for internal agency or multiagency webpages
    • webservers functioning as web service providers and consumers
  • Provide a SQL server to host public-facing data used in agency online applications.
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