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Security Awareness

The Office of the ITS strives to help all agencies provide a secure network for state employees. In order for these employees to trust the confidentiality, integrity, and accuracy of the information with which they work, all employees need to be a part of the security solution and must be aware of what the real security environment is.

Each organization has different security requirements because their missions are unique, the sensitivity of their information is different, and varied regulations and policies affect the way they must handle their information. So, whoever is responsible for providing security awareness training in an agency must first assess the security needs of the organization and design the training to meet the needs.

However, some aspects are the same for all agencies. The general threat of hackers, scammers, or purveyors of malicious-ware is the same throughout the electronic world. We can help each agency prepare Security Awareness Training and materials, and we can provide general Security Awareness Training that can be one part of an agency's overall program.

Contact us for help with your program or for general cyber-threat and response training. Also, please visit the Cyber Security Awareness website.

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