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Project Analysis and Assessment Form

    Please use this form to clearly define your project. The project request must meet at least one requirement below to be assigned to the Project Delivery team. For projects that don’t meet any of these requirements, the request will be reviewed and assigned to the appropriate team(s) to take action.

    • Must have an approved project value of at least $25,000. Budget must be approved and available to the project;
    • Must have a level of effort, and associated resource requirements of at least one month for at least one full time resource;
    • Must be strategically aligned to the ITS, Governor's, or an agencies business or operating strategy.

    * - Indicates a required field

    * Has your leadership approved this project?

    If yes, please provide the following:

    * Is there a timeline in mind for this project?

    * Is the timeline tied to funding or compliance?

    * Has funding been secured for this project?

    * Does this project align with the State or Governor’s Strategic Plan?

    * Does this project align with the Agency Strategic Plan?

    * Does this project have Federal requirements?

    * Is this project associated with a Governor or Legislative initiative or mandate?

    How does this Project Impact the following:

    Do you consider this project to be:

    A project would be considered critical if when the project is not completed, the results would be a potential loss of funding; monetary penalty; stoppage of processing and/or service delivery; or non-compliance with legislative or Federal mandate.

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