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IT Budget Request Approval

To request budget approvals, please use the Request for IT Budget Approval from ITS online form. If you do not have access to the form, you will be prompted request access. If you have questions regarding the online form, send an email to

Effective with the FY 2021 budget, all agencies must obtain approval from ITS prior to submitting requests for new or replacement IT-related items in the agency’s budget submission (see the current Budget Development Manual on the DFM website). To make this process quick and efficient, authorized agency personnel will use a SharePoint site to submit requests, view agency-directed correspondence from ITS/DFM/LSO, as well as track the status of the requests. The online submittal form intentionally focuses on key information regarding each request with further supporting detail provided by the agency in the corresponding B7 or B8.2 attachment. Email notifications are sent to the agency requestor upon submittal as well as status changes.

Note: Only authorized agency personnel can view submissions for their agency. For questions related to the Budget Development Manual, please contact your DFM or LSO analyst.

IT Expenditures Requiring Approval

To initiate the expenditures approval process, send an email to Please include the exact product, a brief description of purpose, and price (this may be satisfied by attaching a quote or draft purchase order).The following purchases require approval regardless of whether or not the purchase is made from a state contract:

  • Any technology that will be placed at or connect directly to the Chinden Campus
  • Any IT security product or service
  • Any software purchase exceeding $5,000 (including renewals or geospatial)
  • VoIP and traditional phone systems purchases (including phones, voice gateways, voice mail, contact center, call managers, PBX, and so forth) exceeding $5,000
  • Network equipment purchases exceeding $5,000
  • WiFi components

NOTE: Requests not acted upon within ten (10) business days will be automatically approved by default. For urgent approvals, contact one of the following ITS team members:

IT Procurement Approval

To initiate the procurement approval process, send an email to All IT-related procurements must be reviewed and approved by ITS before submission to the Division of Purchasing (IDAPA This process applies to all IT-related procurement activities including, but not limited to:

  • Request for Quotes (RFQ)
  • Invitation to Bid (ITB)
  • Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Invitation to Negotiate (ITN)

Note: This process was formerly accomplished after the agency engaged the Division of Purchasing, and the agency’s IT-related procurement data was in the eProcurement program.

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