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IT Purchases Requiring Approval

Agency IT Purchasing Guidance

The following purchases require approval regardless of whether the purchase is made from a state contract:

  • Any technology that will be placed at or connect directly to the Chinden Campus;
  • Any IT security product or service;
  • Any software purchase exceeding $5,000 (including renewals or geospatial);
  • VoIP and traditional phone systems purchases (including phones, voice gateways, voice mail, contact center, call managers, PBX, etc.) exceeding $5,000;
  • Network equipment purchases exceeding $5,000;
  • Wi-Fi components.

To request approval, please click here to use our “Request for IT Solicitation Approval from ITS” automated system.  If you don’t have access to the site you may request access by sending an email to

NOTE: Requests not acted upon within ten (10) business days will be automatically approved by default.

For urgent approvals, contact:

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