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Internal Business Systems Administration

The Department of Administration provides financial management services to numerous small agencies throughout state government. The Integrated Fund Accounting System (IFAS) is a core system used to manage the financial transactions and accounts for the department and our supported small agencies. The following data and reporting services are provided by the Office of the ITS for IFAS.

Flat-File Imports

We support state agencies with flat-file data imports from other applications into the Department of Administration's accounting system to reduce duplication of work and minimize data entry errors. Agency applications currently imported into IFAS are:

  • ISIF Claims Tracking
  • Division of Public Works
  • Telephone Services
  • Records Management

Standard Financial Reports

We build, maintain, and automate standard financial reports such as Budget to Actual, Cash Flows, Income Statement by Agency, Fund, Index, and so forth. Automation is within the IFAS system, and reports are available from the report menu.

Custom Financial Reports

We develop custom, automated, management reporting from our accounting packing to fit the distinct business needs of particular departments. The time required to build a custom report depends on the degree of difficulty as well as other factors such as:

  • Does the business process exist?
  • Is the GL account numbering already established?
  • Is interaction with other vendors needed?

One example of a custom report is the Attorney Fees Billing Report for ISIF.

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