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Idaho Geospatial Office (IGO)

The Idaho Geospatial Office coordinates all geospatial information investments and activities for Idaho state agencies and facilitates collaborative efforts among all governments statewide. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a collection of technical and human resources specifically designed for geospatial information and the part of information technology that focuses on capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying features and their attributes to support decision making. The Idaho Geospatial Office provides an array of consulting, enterprise, partnership, and related services to agencies, businesses, and citizens. To learn more about IGO's services and activities, go to

Collaborative Partnerships

IGO fosters collaborative partnerships with all sectors for framework development and stewardship; data purchases; enterprise service development and deployment; and data sharing initiatives.

Communication and Outreach

Keeping our dispersed community connected is a challenge. IGO employs a variety of strategies to facilitate communication and keep everyone abreast of opportunities and developments. To stay connected, sign up for the GeoTech Listserv. IGO will deploy additional strategies contained in a forthcoming communications plan.

Enterprise Services

Enterprise services include planning multi-agency architecture, implementing a robust infrastructure to support enterprise services, facilitating interdepartmental technical solutions, and hosting core applications (like a geocoding engine).

GIS Application Support

GIS technology is widely used by governments in Idaho. Examples of mapping applications hosted by the Idaho Geospatial Office can be viewed at:

GIS Data Integration and Enterprise Deployment

Opportunities abound for blending independently developed databases to realize efficiencies and higher-quality information built once and used many times. IGO can help plan, design, and implement robust backbone solutions to serve many business purposes and agencies.

To learn more about IGO's activities and services, go to

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