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Fiscal Analysis & Planning

The Office of the ITS provides budget forecasting, planning, and oversight for our internal operations as well as for statewide consolidation activities. This effort is accomplished by:

  • leading the annual budget preparation process for the Office of the ITS, ensuring that requests support the state's and the department's strategic business plan and conform to the IT strategic plan
  • providing oversight of the monthly budget for the Office of ITS to include:
    • monitoring of all financial expenditures
    • reviewing of revenue projections to ensure adequate funding
    • elevating budget issues to the attention of the CTO and financial services group
  • evaluating and proposing new funding models to support the enterprise strategies set forth by the ITA and/or the Office of ITS
  • integrating and managing existing and new technology-related billing processes to include:
    • reviewing invoices for the department and on behalf of state agencies for errors
    • billing agencies for shared services to include Internet service, Idanet, CMFONI, voice services, and agency IT support
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