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FAQs: Governor’s IT Modernization Initiative

View the draft ITS Org Chart

This is a FAQ repository where you can find answers to many of your questions about ITS and the IT consolidation process.

If you do not see an answer to your question listed, please email us and ask!

Questions and Answers

  • Q: Who is the new administrator of ITS?
    • A: Jeff Weak
  • Q: Is ITS moving?
    • A: No, ITS will continue to be co-located with the Dept. of Administration in the Len B. Jordan (LBJ) Building, at 650 W. State St., Room 100, Boise, ID  83702.
  • Q: What will this mean for the customers supported by OCIO?
    • A: Although references to OCIO will change to ITS, the services we provide our customers will continue as per existing contractual agreements.
  • Q: When I have a question, will I need to call a different person?
    • A: No, you may still contact the same people you always have with your service questions.
  • Q: Will ITS be supporting any new agencies?
    • A: We will continue to support our current agency customers as we always have.  Whether new agencies will be added as customers will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Q: What will the new org chart look like?
    • A: The primary change to our org chart will be the addition of Jeff Weak as the Administrator of ITS.  Greg Zickau will be the Deputy Administrator, but will also continue in his capacity as Chief Information Officer.  The organizational structure of the teams will remain unchanged.
  • Q: How will the election of Governor Little affect this?
    • A: ITS expects to work closely with Governor Little to ensure that its strategic goals align with his priorities.

Information about Services

I.C. 67-827  Coordination of Policy and Programs - Information Technology Services and Cybersecurity

I.C. 67-827A  Powers and Duties

I.C. 67-828  Office of Information Technology Services May Charge and Receive Payment for Certain Services to Units of State Government - Appropriation

I.C. 67-829  Advance Payments and Interaccount Transactions

I.C. 67-830  Declaration of Purpose

I.C. 67-831  Definitions

I.C. 67-832  Idaho Technology Authority - Composition - Appointment and Term of Office - Reimbursement - Contracting for Necessary Services

I.C. 67-833  General Powers and Duties of the Authority

I.C. 67-834  Definitions

I.C. 67-835  Integrated Property Records System - Transfer of Responsibility

I.C. 67-836  Agencies to Provide Records and Data

I.C. 67-837  Responsibility for Quality

House Bill 607 (2018 Legislative Session)

Executive Order 2017-02 (Findings of the Idaho Cybersecurity Cabinet Taskforce)

Executive Order 2015-07 (Establishing the Idaho Cybersecurity Cabinet Taskforce)

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