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FAQs: Governor’s IT Modernization Initiative

This is a FAQ repository where you can find answers to many of your questions about ITS and the IT modernization initiative.

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General information:

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Q:  What is IT Modernization?

 A:  IT Modernization is an initiative by Governor Little to increase efficiency in IT services across state agencies, enabling agencies to focus on being IT consumers rather than IT providers.

 Q:  What is the status of the initiative?

 A:  The Governor’s Budget Recommendation for this initiative was approved by the Legislature during the 2019 legislative session. Throughout the approval process IT Services (ITS) coordinated information and planning with the effected agencies, with the Division of Human Resources (DHR), and with the Division of Financial Management (DFM).

 Q:  What agencies are included in this first phase?

 A:  There are eight agencies included in the first phase: Tax Commission, Industrial Commission, Public Utilities Commission, Division of Building Safety, Department of Finance, Department of Insurance, Division of Veterans Services, and the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

 Q:  What are the next phases?

A:  We anticipate that additional agencies will be included in this initiative. The selection of agencies will be based on lessons learned in the early phase and guidance from the Governor.

Q:  How many positions are affected?

A:  There are forty-nine (49) positions in eight (8) agencies which will be removed effective with the new fiscal year.*  There will be thirty-six (36) positions added to ITS to enable them to absorb support for the impacted agencies.

* See Reduction-in-Force (RIF) General FAQs (Division of Human Resources)

 Q:  Do people have to apply for the new positions in ITS?

 A:  Yes, these are new positions, and there is no one-for-one correlation between the current positions and the new positions in ITS. ITS has committed to interviewing all qualified applicants who are currently in an agency impacted by this effort.

 Q:  When will the new positions be advertised?

A:  Advertising and hiring for the new positions began in March 2019.

 Q:  How will you ensure support to the new agencies meets their needs?

 A: ITS has gathered unique agency requirements and created an integration team to plan for the transition. The integration team and ITS leadership are meeting regularly with leadership in effected agencies to review and prioritize requirements. Additionally, ITS hiring for new positions is focused on staff from impacted agencies to ensure continuity and preserve corporate knowledge.

 Q:  Our agency requires very responsive IT support to meet our business needs. How will you ensure your support is responsive?

 A:  ITS will strategically position service desk and other support for rapid response. For example, ITS will maintain a presence on the Capitol Mall. In addition, new positions authorized for ITS will be focused on direct customer support services to promote responsiveness.

Q:  Our agency has significant federal compliance requirements to continue operations. How will you ensure systems are maintained in compliance with federal requirements?

 A:  ITS will dedicate full-time personnel to a Compliance Office. Their focus will be ensuring agencies comply with the various regulatory frameworks. Dedicated personnel for regulatory compliance is a new and critical function for Idaho.

 Q:  Compliance is critical. Can you be more specific on how ITS will address compliance requirements for my agency?

 A:  ITS works closely with State and Federal organizations on compliance requirements. All ITS personnel complete background checks. Certain staff will receive additional background checks as needed to meet compliance needs. Common approaches to compliance are being developed, and ITS is dedicating staff in a new office to ensure compliance requirements are met. By focusing recruitment on current agency support staff, ITS will capture corporate knowledge related to compliance and systems.

Q:  Is ITS moving?

 A:  Significant sections of ITS will relocate to the Chinden Campus. ITS will maintain a downtown presence to serve customers in the Capitol Mall.

 Q:  What will this mean for the customers currently supported by ITS?

 A:  Existing customers may see some new faces as we expand services. The type of service will remain the same, though we intend to constantly improve.

 Q:  What will the new organization look like?

 A:  A draft of the organizational chart can be found at:

ITS Draft Org Chart (as of 6/20/2019)

 Q:  If I need IT Support, how do I get it?

A:  There are several ways to contact ITS for IT Support.

  1. Via email: Send details of your support needs to
  2. By phone: 208-332-1503. This number works for afterhours support needs as well.

 Q:  If I am not getting the service I expect, what should I do?

 A:  To escalate a response, contact:

 Q:  If I need to purchase IT equipment, who do I contact?

 A:  Email requests to ITS will gather requirements, get quotes from vendors, and work out order details, installation, etc.

Q:  How will ITS support my agency’s specific IT needs?

A:  ITS has a Pre-Integration Analysis form to capture details on your agency. It is important to provide as much detail as possible on this form. ITS will use this information to jointly develop with you a specific plan for your agency.

Q:  Will there be a gap in service or support to my agency?

 A:  No. Your staff can begin using the ITS Service Desk (, or 208-332-1503) immediately on transition. ITS will arrange access to your systems prior to transition to ensure continuity. There may be minor delays as ITS fills positions, trains staff, and addresses unique requirements. Our goal is to provide the highest levels of customer service possible and to minimize any transition impact. ITS will communicate with your staff to ensure issues are addressed quickly.

 Q: How will projects be managed, and will there be any delays in project delivery?

 A: As part of the pre-integration analysis, agencies must identify current and future IT projects. ITS will work with the agency to determine the best approach to completing projects. ITS will coordinate on projects in FY19. Projects in FY20 may be impacted depending on the status of ITS key positions. For projects that have critical completion dates or penalties to the agency, ITS will prioritize resources to meet deadlines. For current projects, agencies should continue work in coordination with ITS. New or FY20 projects should be assessed with ITS to determine resourcing and delivery requirements.

Q: How will my unique agency applications be supported?

 A: Agencies will identify unique applications developed or maintained by the agency, including the location of the source code used to create the program. As ITS establishes its application development service, ITS will focus recruiting on current agency developers. For detailed information or questions about software development and support, contact the ITS Chief of Operations, Jon Pope, at (208-332-1858).

 Q: How will ITS access and maintain my IT Infrastructure?

A: In preparation for transition, ITS support staff will require elevated system access accounts (Domain Administrator credentials). Personnel with such access may be current agency employees selected for continued State service in ITS. ITS will verify system access, backup status, system health, and ensure normal maintenance.   ITS will establish common system tools across all infrastructure to ensure consistent management for all agencies. For assistance or questions related to system access or password management, please contact the ITS Chief of Operations, Jon Pope, at (208-332-1858).

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