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Domain Name System (DNS) Services

The Office of the ITS provides the following name services, management, and hosting options.

Domain Name Services and Domain Management

The Office of the ITS provides Domain Name System (DNS) services to State of Idaho agencies as well as city, county, and local government. These DNS services allow for complete domain management, including domain registration and conflict mitigation, for two State government enterprise domains (IDAHO.GOV and STATE.ID.US) and one enterprise domain (ID.GOV) that is specifically reserved for city, county, and other local government agencies. We also provide complete DNS functions for 98 marketing-specific domain names.

The State's DNS service is comprised of four different DNS servers in two physically different locations, providing redundancy, security, and high availability to the State's critical electronic identity. This redundancy has allowed the Office of the ITS to achieve a 100% uptime over the last two years for this 7x24x365 service.

State agencies can request IDAHO.GOV, STATE.ID.US, or other .GOV domain names, and request DNS records for their existing domains by using the DNS management links below.

Manage [domain].IDAHO.GOV

Register [domain].ID.GOV

DNS Hosting

We provide DNS resource records hosting and propagation to any state agency for any domain or domains they have in use. This includes .com, .net, .org, and .us domains. We are currently providing this service to numerous state agencies for 97 different domains. This service operates on the same four DNS servers detailed above.

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