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Database Services

Three public-access, database hosting services are available to meet your requirements. The database services are used for housing copies of database data, for access using general-access, public webservices or webpages, and for data belonging to any state agency.

We currently provide support for the following databases:

  • MS SQL Server
  • PostGres
  • MySQL

Public-Access MS SQL Server Database Hosting Services

Current databases include:

  • Idaho State Tax Commission Unclaimed Property data
  • Division of Professional-Technical Education Information Technology Training Program data
  • ITA Agency IT Project Management Reporting site
  • ITA Broadband Service Providers listings and information
  • State Board of Dentistry Application Tracking site

Public-Access PostGres Database Hosting Services

Current database in use is for the ITD Highway Data Quest website.

Public-Access MySQL Database Hosting Services

Current databases include:

  • Office of the State Board of Education
  • Idaho Legislature
  • Idaho Historical Society
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